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  [Walead  Beshty]

*1976, London, England
lebt und arbeitet in Los Angeles

Ausstellungen (Auswahl)

2008 Wallspace, New York
Los Angeles
„China Art Objects”, Galleries Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles
The 2008 Whitney Biennial, New York
„Title TBA”, Kunsthalle Zürich
2007 „From a Distance”, Wallspace, New York
„Meanwhile in Baghdad”, The Renaissance Society, Chicago
„I am Eyebeam”, Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois, Chicago
„Anything You Want”, Pump House Gallery, London
„88:88”, The Project, New York
„Concrete Works”, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York
„Radiant City”, Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA
„Between Two Deaths”, ZKM, Karlsruhe
„Imaging & Imagining California”, The Orange County Museum of Art, Newport
„The Trans-Aestheticization of Daily Life”, UCR Sweeney Gallery, Riverside
„The Backroom”, La Celda Contemporanea, Mexico City
2006 „The Maker and the Model”, Wallspace, New York,
„Hammer Project: Walead Beshty, EMBASSY! (a dismal science waiting room)”, Armand
Priority Overnight, Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles
2005 „China Art Objects”, Galleries, Parks, Hotels & Palaces, Los Angeles
„Champion Fine Art: 2003-2005”, art2102, Los Angeles
„The Back Room”, Los Angeles
„Rub out the Word, d.u.m.b.o.”, arts center, Brooklyn
2004 „The Body-Body Problem”, Wallspace, New York
„The Phenomenology of Shopping and Dead Mall”, P.S.1, Contemporary Art Center, Long Island
„UPSTREAM: Idea Drawings”, Hayworth Gallery, Los Angeles
2003 „Photography For People; For Us”, Wallspace, New York
„Anti-Social”, Wallspace, New York
„Photo ID”, Pelham Art Center, Pelham
2002 „MFA Thesis Exhibition”, Yale University School of Art, New Haven

OPEN SKY. Räume jenseits ihrer Praxis

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Walead Beshty, Fedex Large Box, Priority Overnight, Los Angeles – New York (Tracking No.799801787471), 2008. Beidseitig verspiegeltes Glas. Ausstellungsansicht OPEN SKY. Schloss Kalsdorf. Foto: David Auner